Mesh Laundry Bags by Simple Natural Products (Set of 9) Includes 3 Reinforced Bra Laundry Bags – Laundry Washing Bags Perfect for Delicates Blouse Baby Clothes Lingerie – Travel Wash Bag

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  • PREMIUM LAUNDRY CLEANING BAGS - Safeguards your fragile clothes from getting harmed or tangled in the wash. Our underwear mesh bags keep your pricey garments and fragile laundry separated and safe while preserving their shape during wash. Our mesh laundry wash bags will help keep your laundry feeling and look newer, longer. Perfect for supplying a gentle cleansing wash for all your clothes, underwear, or other family garments. Fragile wash bags likewise work as underwear travel bags.3 LARGE BRA CLEANING BAGS - Our bra bags were built to last forever. Made from extremely durable, double-layered polyester mesh, with leading and bottom supports, they provide ultimate protection and an exceptional wash and rinse. Your brassieres or underwears will keep their shape with every wash. Our washering bra bag is 6.5 inches in diameter to accommodate extra-large or several bras in one bag. We provide the very best laundry bra bag out there!MULTIPLE SIZES INCLUDED- Each set includes 2 XL/LARGE, 2 MEDIUM, 2 SMALL, & 3 BRA washing bags. Separate your whites, darks, and pricey or delicate clothes in their own wash bag. Wash pillows, blankets, or coats in LARGE wash bags. MEDIUM washing bags are best for sweatshirts, dress t-shirts, skirts, dresses, towels, and even shoes. SMALL bags work best for child or young child clothes, underwear, underclothing, socks, kitchen area rags or other home essentials.PERFECT WASH EACH TIME- Our mesh, laundry wash bags offer defense for leggings
  • , lingerie, lace, sweatshirts, dresses, baby clothing, and other delicate washables. The long lasting mesh lets cleaning agent and softeners in while keeping snags and tears out. Our delicate wash bags are made from sturdy 62g polyester that is designed to endure numerous washings. Each Bra Washing Bag includes a plastic guard on the top and bottom along with double-layered mesh.INNOVATIVE ZIPPER INNOVATION -These fit together, laundry washing bags featured a strong plastic zipper that tucks under a special
  • runner to avoid jams, rips, snags, and scratches during the washing cycle. The EZippers won't rust or stain clothing. The EZipper function on the delicates laundry bag keeps the zipper tucked away and the bag closed throughout washes. It likewise keeps your clothes and underwear safely protected inside. Just another laundry necessity offered by this quality, 9-piece set.%% %Basic Natural ProductsTM NEW & IMPROVED UNDERWEAR LAUNDRY BAG SET High quality long lasting mesh building. Constructed to last for thousands of washes.Innovative premium grade mesh products designed to allow thorough cleaning and washing. No soapy residue Several sizes and bag
    • styles.Keep your garments looking brand-new longer PREMIUM LAUNDRY BAGS Each Laundry Bag produced by Basic Natural Products is manufactured with the highest quality. The ultra durable silky smooth delicates fit together laundry bags are made
    • from exceptional materials.
    • 9 PIECE SET ACCOMMODATES ALL SIZES & DESIGNS Not all garments materials and products are

      the same size which is why we provide you more cleaning bags than anybody else.- 2 Large Bags 23.5 inches x 19.5 inches- 2 Medium Bags 19.5 inches x 14 inches- 2 Little Bags 16 inches x 12 inches -3 Bra Bags Size 6.5 inches,

      height 6.5 inches Save money on replacing pricey lingerie

      or delicate products since of extreme cleaning damage. These gorgeous silky white and pink bags are designed to safeguard all your laundry from snags and rips.Never deal with knotted split extended hosiery and bra straps again.DELICATES BAG FEATURES 9-Pieces: 6 Laundry Bags & 3 Bra Brassiere Bags Quickly different whites darks colors and sizes Long lasting construction for daily usage Ingenious clean and rinse technology Avoid lint from staying with clothes Rust proof EZipper Avoid Wrinkles Lovely white and pink bags Minimizes excessive wear. Keeps laundry looking brand-new longer Safe to use in any washer and with any detergent Perfect for gifts Infant Showers Weddings Mothers Day Home Apartment or condo Laundromat Dorms

      • & Travel PURCHASE WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE We provide a 100% Satisfaction
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