GOWE 24Volt electric car air conditioner EV Aircon compressor for auto ac parts for truck sleeper cabinet cooling of special vehicle

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  • Description & Functions: Air Conditioning compressor parts12/24v dc compressor for electrical mini-van electrical car cabin air conditioner; 24v dc a/c air conditioner Kompressor for vehicle ac system portable a/c; DC 12/24volt air conditioner compressor cool the sleeper taxis cars and truck air conditioner 12v dc air conditioning unit solar room heater; 24v dc a/c for marine military solar vechile vehicle with air con air conditioning compressor;
  • Hermetic Inverter DC Compressor for portable automobile cooling mini cooling; Horizontal mounting DC Brushless Motor compressor for cabin ac system caravan air conditioning; Ac system parts automobile compressor for 12v vehicle a/c vehicle a/c cooling; DC Powered Truck A/c 12V/24V DC Powered Truck Air Conditioner compressor;
  • Roofing leading 12v Recreational Vehicle type A/c/ Heater unit dc compressor 12V car camping a.c 24 volt dc air con; Remote activation so that the motorist and travelers can enter into a pre-cooled automobile Refrigerant: 134A Norminal Capacity: 1780W/ 6076Btu Power Supply: DC 24V ¡ À10%;
  • APPLICATIONS; Public transportation; Guest cars and truck air-conditioning; Motorist compartment airconditioning; Sturdy trucking market; No-idle cab air-conditioning; Military; Mobile Refrigeration; Air tracking devices; Unmanned remote regulated cars; Mobile/field air-conditioning; Micro-Climate workers cooling; Electronic equipment cooling; Small aircraft air-conditioning; FAA approved;
  • Marine; Refrigeration; Air-conditioning; Electrical/Hybrid Vehicles; Convenience cooling; Battery cooling; Electronic devices; Computer system systems; Medical; Blood cooling; Specialty surgical applications; Telecom; Mobile phone base station electronics cooling; Optical fiber cabinet cooling
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Product Description

GOWE 24Volt electrical vehicle a/c EV Aircon compressor for car air conditioner parts for truck sleeper cabinet cooling of special vehicle.

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