App-Enabled RolliCool Portable Air Conditioner – Quiet 14,000 BTU AC with Dehumidifier, Easy Install and Window Kit

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  • LINK ON THE GO - Link utilizing the iOS or Android app to your air cooler and control your RolliCool from anywhere
  • ULTRA POWERFUL - The oscillating portable a/c system comes with a powerful 14,000 BTU that can cool as much as 700 square ft.MULTIPLE PLACES-This small portable air conditioning unit is excellent for houses, workplaces, cabins as well as tents!EASY INSTALL- To install the standing a/c unit, just connect the exhaust pipe, plug it in, and you're on your way NO SWEAT-The little A/C system dehumidifies approximately.6 gallons an hour so you never to have deal with humidity again %% %Take your cool on the go with the RolliCool Portable A/C. The RolliCool window air conditioning unit is a whisper peaceful A/C that comes with up to 14,000 BTU of cooling power. The air conditioning system also features 4 castors that revolve 360 ° so that you can move your RolliCool around with ease. With this air conditioner, setup is a cinch. Just roll the RolliCool space air conditioning system into whatever room you wish to keep cool, use the included window set to attach the exhaust pipeline and you're good to go. Unlike other ac system, the RolliCool operates at a whisper quiet 56 db. The indoor a/c unit

    includes five different cooling modes so you can pick between cooling, fan, timer, sleep mode and dehumidifying mode, making it one of the finest portable ac system on the marketplace today. Toggle in between three various cooling modes so you can choose just the correct amount of cool. For stuffy rooms, switch on fan mode and sit back as the RolliCool air condition system distributes air. Furthermore, the RolliCool portable also comes with a dehumidifier, and can dehumidify approximately.6 gallons of water from the air at a time. The 14000 BTU ac system also offers a sleep timer which distributes air and creates ambient sound to help you drop off to sleep quicker. In regards to control, the portable Air Conditioning comes with a Play shop and iOS app so that you can run your RolliCool straight from your phone. Link to your RolliCool en route house so

    you can stroll into a well cooled apartment. And for those seeking to chill the old-fashioned method, the RolliCool likewise comes with a remote so you can simply sit back and relax as you connect from as much as 23 feet away. The portable AC is also a cinch to clean, and comes with a washable filter along with another carbon filter to not just offer you tidy air, however cool air as

    well. With the RolliCool Portable, being this cool has actually never been this simple.
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